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Portly young adults are likely to face cardiac arrest

28 November, 2015 07:31
Portly young adults are likely to face cardiac arrest

Being puffed and being overweight are two separate things. To be puffed is mainly associated with a healthy BMI and good weight distribution, whereas being overweight entails an unhealthy body condition, known to cause a myriad of heart associated diseases. It would seem that according to a new study, obese young adults are prone to cardiac arrest.


This fresh study addresses the thorny issue of obesity and how it is capable of affecting a healthy individual. According to the study’s conclusion, it would seem that risk of death via cardiac arrest increases if an individual has a high BMI during early adulthood.


The survey was conducted by a couple of scientists from Harvard and their findings suggest that obesity is even more dangerous than foreseen. In order to reach their conclusions, the researchers formed a study group of young adults, most of them being 18 years-old. It is important to mention the fact that all study candidates had a high BMI (body-mass index).


In the first state of the study, the doctors involved in the study asked the participants a couple of questions regarding their diets and ascertain how physical active the individual were. Then they proceeded into taking preliminary measurements of the patients.


After they were released, the doctors kept tabs on their patients for a period of two years. The results themselves were staggering. Preliminary data suggests that women that have a high body-mass index during early adulthood are more likely to suffer from a deadly cardiac arrest. Moreover, women that possess a BMI between 25 and 30 have a 1.5 percent chance of dying from a heart disease.


The results of this study could prove to be very useful when it comes to forging new strategies for managing and preventing heart diseases. Specialists warns us that having a high BMI, exposes us to a lot of potentially deadly diseases.


Among the most common and severe affections associated with high BMI are diabetes, increased blood pressure, arrhythmia and something called coronary artery disease. Obesity is also known to contribute at forming fat deposits on the arterial wall. This, in time, can lead to artery clogging and can end up with heart and brain strokes.


The conclusion of the study is that obese young adults are prone to cardiac arrest. Patients that exhibited a high BMI during early adulthood have an increased chance of actually dying from a heart stroke. And the overall effects are more dramatic when it comes to overweight women.


Source: Trinity News Daily

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