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Lost Games Of Dhaka City

20 November, 2015 11:20
Lost Games Of Dhaka City

They say change is the only constant in life, and if you have grown up in Dhaka, you have lived long enough to witness change on an unprecedented level. If you compare photos of the capital of Bangladesh taken in the 80s with what Dhaka is today, you'll get the message loud and clear … and if you include the 60s and 70s in the timeframe, you might be in for one hell of a shock!


Back in those days, Dhaka was not as densely populated as it is today, and it was not devoid of open space and fields for young boys and girls to play. Back then, growing up in Dhaka was really fun, considering all the outdoor games you played with your friends, classmates, cousins and other children in the neigbourhood.


Games like “Shat-chara,” “Tilo-Express,” “Gulli Danda,” “Rumal Chor” and “Kumir Danga” kept us engaged, entertained us and taught us some of the most invaluable lessons in socialising firsthand. It is indeed sad but true that those games we once loved to play have met their end as we grew up.


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