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Hassan Masud: Taking it easy

19 November, 2015 10:51
Hassan Masud: Taking it easy

Entertainment Reporter: 

Hassan Masud is living proof that talent is far more important than conventional good looks to succeed in the entertainment industry. Best known for “Bachelor”, “69”, “House-Full”, “Taxi Driver”, and many more, he started his journey in the media around 2003, as a journalist , before he was approached by Mostafa Sarwar Farooki for “Bachelor.”   He is also recognised for his singing talent, and released his album in 2007. Hassan spoke with The Daily Star about his journey and current work.


“It seems like yesterday that I was approached by Farooki. When he told me that he wanted me to work with him, frankly I thought he was fooling around with me. But his sincerity and persuasiveness convinced me that he was genuine.”


“As days go by, I am trying to reduce the pressures of work. There were times that I worked without a break. But times are changing and there are lots of things that I feel I am longer up for. It's not that I am not performing, but that zeal to work is diminishing with age, I suppose (laughs).”


“2003 or around that time was considered to be the optimum era for good actors and actresses to be seen on screen. But it's no longer the same. Newcomers are coming up, new concepts have become the norm and of course there has been a change in this generation as well as the media. As there is a change in culture and a new generation, we get to see lot of different TV plays and movies, which I don't think I would like to perform in. Like our country, even the world of media is being politicised and stigmatised.” 


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